Custom Seat Covers

We make tailor-made covers for camper vans, motorhomes, motorbikes, classics, boats and aviation. We also sew half covers for commercial vehicles.

Why choose our made-to-measure seat covers?

We believe that the results speak for themselves and so we show you some examples.

More than 40 years
of experience

Tapizados Aguirrezabal

- Tapizados Aguirrezabal -
Our great little team

We like to think of ourselves as sewing artisans.

Get to know us!

Jorge Alba

Workshop Manager.

It is the heart and soul engraved in every single piece of work that comes out of his hands.

Seiko y Yakumo

The tireless seamstresses.

How many stitches have you stitched and how many kilometres of fabric have you covered in your more than 40 years of life?

Txema Aguirrezabal

Sewing consultant.

Whoever thinks that sewing a cover is just putting together more than 80 pieces has never seen them work.

Javi Aguirrezabal

Pattern consultant.

A magician creating patterns out of nothing who handles the scissors as an extension of his hands.

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Tapizados Aguirrezabal
Specialists in Made to Measure Seat Covers and Upholstery