For all types of vehicles


Made-to-measure mosquito screens for camper vans and motorhomes.

We make them to your liking: number of zippers, side door, rear door, fastening system… tell us what you want!


Choose the fabric, and Tapizados Aguirrezabal will make it to your liking. The upper part of the potti cover is covered with foam that turns it into a small pouffe to sit on. Easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning.


Elige el tejido, y en Tapizados Aguirrezabal lo confeccionamos a tu gusto. La parte superior del cubre potti está recubierta con espuma que lo convierte en un pequeño puff para sentarte. Fácil montaje y desmontaje para su limpieza.


Everything you can think of to match your upholstery.

Do you like the design of your upholstery?

Choose an accessory for your van and we will make it for you from the same material.


Made-to-measure covers and foams for back mattresses, side mattresses…

At Tapizados Aguirrezabal we make covers with the fabric chosen for existing mattresses.

We also design mattresses according to the space of use: sewn in several foams for easy storage, with zips for later cleaning, with velcro to fix them… The foams are available in different thicknesses and densities.


At Tapizados Aguirrezabal we make made-to-measure mats for climbing walls or boulders. You can also give a new life to your mat by changing or repairing the cover.

The fabric used is high resistance and tear-resistant bi-elastic. They are waterproof, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Wide range of colours to choose from, resistant to weather and UV rays.

Waterproof, colourfast. Washable with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Possibility of zips or velcro for final use.


Rear pockets for the Mercedes van.

To make the most of the rear of the Mercedes van with Multiflex. Pocket in original automotive fabric with zip and velcro fastening system, simple and quick.


Exterior curtains in silver/white opaque PVC for the front window of camper vans.

The fastening system by means of magnets is simple and fast. Extra strong quality, waterproof and with anti-mould treatment. Completely opaque and anti-thermal. Silver on the outside and white on the inside.

Foscurite is a totally opaque fabric that is mainly used to darken a room and keep out light, as if it were a blind. It also insulates from the outside temperature, minimising the passage of cold in winter and heat in summer. Ideal for retaining the passage of temperature.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.